Looking For An Ugly Actor

ugly actor
'The Ugly Duchess' painted by Flemish artist Quinten Matsijs around 1513.

Why a plain-looking actor could be the better face of your campaign.

Comparing yourself to other people is not healthy. Happiness experts agree it leads to discontent and depression.

However, maybe we can not really tell ourselves to stop looking at other people. Perhaps we keep doing it on an unconscious level.

Cooler than you are

In marketing our tendency to measure ourselves to others is fully exploited. New products are used by handsome, cheerful people, stress less happy families and mysterious adventurers. ‘The boy or girl next door’ is a marketer’s best asset. Not entirely out of reach, but still a little bit cooler than you are.

Therefore, I think it’s twice as nice when a real, ugly actor is the face of a campaign. Let art-house movies be your inspiration, wherein the protagonist often struggles with her difficult character, or with his plain dullness.

You are fine!

Looking at normal people is comforting. Hey, you are fine. There is nothing wrong with you.

You start to see what is really important in life. Why don’t I buy a nice postcard for grandma? Why don’t I take the kids on a trip this weekend? Did I make my donation to Oxfam yet?

There’s plenty for all of us

Bingo! You are the target of a different marketer now. This time someone who does not feed on your fears, but responds to your desire to share. The ugly actor helps people to think differently: from a perspective of abundance, instead of scarcity.